What Does The Quick Hitch Awareness Course Involve?

Quick Hitch Awareness course

Quick Hitches are very popular, and they are being used for many large excavators. Companies are now also seeing the benefit of using them on some mini diggers as well. Like most plant equipment, they will need to be maintained and replaced if needed. Would you know how? 

Find out why you should think about booking onto our Quick Hitch Awareness course, and how you can benefit from it.


A quick hitch is a device used on most large diggers that will enable the operator to efficiently connect and change using various attachments. This would allow the operator to go from using a standard digger bucket to a breaker attachment, or a hydra grapple for example.

Currently, there are manual and non-manual quick hitch systems available. What is the difference we hear you ask?


This is the slower system out of both, but it will mean the operator can change an attachment by winding a screw thread to open the latch. This method can not be done from the safety of the excavator cab.


A non manual quick hitch system involves the use of a hydraulic ram to move the latch. This is by far the more common type of quick hitch. An operator can control the quick hitch system remotely from the cab. 

Why would a Quick Hitch be used?

A quick hitch is often used on a construction site to save time. They are very handy, time-efficient accessories to have readily available.

  • Throughout the working day, using a quick hitch will also eliminate the following issues:
  • Manually changing heavy or complex attachments.
  • Pivot pins can become rusty and difficult to remove from the dipper arm, using the hydraulic ram will make this more manageable.
  • Many attachments may be needed during the day for different tasks. Productivity will increase using a quick hitch.
  • It reduces the amount of accidents on the work site as the operator can change attachments from the safety of the cab.
Quick Hitch Awareness Course


On our Quick Hitch awareness course, our quick hitches are supplied by our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Masterhitch design and create a variety of bespoke excavator attachments, buckets and parts for construction. 

Along with high quality digger attachments, they are also very well known in the industry for their quick hitch systems. Masterhitch make dedicated quick hitch systems, along with their own attachments. If you would like to buy quick hitches for your own plant equipment, they are the experts to contact. 

With up to date design equipment and a great team of welders, you’ll be in good hands. All plant accessories made by Masterhitch are made using high quality British Standard steel. Therefore customers will be receiving long lasting and durable plant equipment and quick hitch systems.

To get in touch with the team call: 01634 290022 or email them today.


If your job is going to involve working with machines, it is highly likely that the Quick Hitch Awareness course will be advantageous for you to book onto.

Individuals will be covering the following tasks on the course:

  • Point out and maintaining PPE appropriate for Quick Hitch use
  • Explaining the different types of Quick Hitch devices
  • Fitting and removing attachments safely and efficiently
  • Showing that the attachment is secured safely

Like most of our construction courses, our NPORS Quick Hitch Awareness course (N726) will be valid for 5 years once completed. 

It will only take one day to complete the course, but we would highly recommend pairing the course up with any of our excavator courses to further develop skills.


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