What do you need to know about our NPORS roller courses?

NPORS Roller Courses

Anyone working in the construction industry will know that it’s not just excavators and dumpers on site anymore. Road rollers are becoming increasingly popular types of machines that are being used by operators. They are versatile, efficient and easy to use. Find out more about our NPORS roller courses we have available here at the Diggerland Plant Training School. Is it worth investing in your learning?


As the name suggests rollers are a type of machine that is used to flatten objects and materials. If you aren’t familiar with the technical names, they can also be referred to as a roller-compactor. Rollers are a common type of plant machinery on construction sites, and roadwork often seen on construction sites and by the roadside. Additionally, rollers can be used at landfills or for agricultural purposes.

Currently, the following rollers that are available include:

  • Smooth wheeled rollers
  • Pneumatic rollers
  • Grid rollers
  • Sheepsfoot rollers
  • Vibratory rollers, also known as Tandem Rollers

Despite the wide variety of road rollers available, our operators will be learning to use tandem rollers.

Why are they used?

A construction roller is a machine that will compact soil, gravel and even concrete. Rollers are most commonly used in the post excavation phase, when finishing touches are being completed. They are often used for the construction of new roads, and maintenance of old roads and paths.

NPORS N214 Ride on Roller course


We are currently running our NPORS N214 Ride on roller course for aspiring operators. So you’re looking to use a roller on a construction site, what will our course cover?

Operators will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of their responsibilities as a roller operator
  • Be able to locate and point out the main components and controls of the machine
  • Carry out all pre-checks before starting the roller up
  • Understand the correct PPE that will need to be used / worn
  • Operate the machinery safely and efficiently
  • Carry out the checks and correct procedures when it comes to turning the machine off

Operators will be tested via a theory assessment that will be made up of multiple choice answers as well as open ended questions. A practical assessment will also take place.

Does your job only require you to know basic knowledge?

If you work within the construction industry, it’s always best to know how to safely operate a roller even if you wouldn’t be required to use it everyday. Our NPORS Plant Mover (N132) course is aimed at anyone that may need to move plant machinery around site. This could be for the purpose of maintenance, or delivery / collection purposes. 

Whether you need the knowledge to operate an excavator, telehandler, skid steer or even a roller then this may be a course to suit you.


Not only can we offer NPORS roller courses at our training school, we have plenty     of other courses to suit individuals. Whether you’re working in the construction sector, or simply need to refresh your first aid knowledge, we have a course to suit you.

When you book through the Diggerland Plant Training School, you can choose from the following courses:

  • Excavator courses including 180, 360 and quick hitch awareness
  • Dumper courses including forward tipping and mini dumper
  • Telehandler courses including industrial and suspended loads
  • Health and safety courses including cable avoidance, fire warden and construction site supervisor
  • Other construction courses including boom lift, abrasive wheels and plant loader securer

All of our courses can be found on our website. If there isn’t one listed that you are interested in please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


If you’re looking to book onto any of our NPORS roller courses, we have a number of skilled instructors on hand to assist.

We are open from 8am – 6pm, 7 days a week. Our instructors can carry out training at any of our 4 UK training sites located at Diggerland Kent (our main site), Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. We can also arrange for our instructors to travel to your site to carry out any training. We can work around the best time and date to suit your operators.

Please feel free to email us today if you have any questions about our courses. If you’re looking to book as an individual or on behalf of employees, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our NPORS roller courses.