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Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we have plenty of construction courses available including our NPORS N202 Excavator 360 course. Operators have the chance to get to grips with an excavator, and learn how to safely operate on site. We have the choice of using a machine either below or above 10 tonne. Our instructors often use a Komatsu PC26, PC55, PC80 or PC138 for training purposes. 

Having the knowledge to use larger machinery gives operators the scope to increase their workload and productivity. So what are the main features you should know inside the cab? If you’re ready to learn and even book onto our course, then make sure you continue reading…


Let’s get started on what an excavator actually is and what it’s used for. Excavators are the main type of machinery used on construction sites and projects. Currently there are many different types of excavators available including tracked, long reach, mini and midi and even wheeled. This gives the operator more of a choice to choose one that suits their needs and requirements. 

They are used for the following types of work:

  • Digging, grading and lifting materials
  • Landscaping
  • Demolition work
  • Snow removal
  • Forestry projects

The Komatsu PC138 is the ultimate machine to ensure maximum safety on site in our opinion.


Komatsu is one of the biggest, and most recognised brands when it comes to construction machinery. The company was originally founded in 1921 by Meitaro Takeuchi in Tokyo, Japan. 

Komatsu is fully committed to creating and providing customers with safe, innovative products, making them one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Not only do they produce high quality excavators, you can also expect to see forklift trucks, forestry machinery and tunnelling machines. 

We use komatsu excavators primarily for our Excavator 360 course (below and above 10 tonne). Our operators love them just as much as us!


A Komatsu PC138 has plenty of fantastic features to enable an operator to efficiently operate a digger. 


Upon entering the cab of a Komatsu PC138, the operator will find a spacious, well planned out cab with the following features:

  • Air Conditioning
  • A fully adjustable heated air suspension seat, with a high back rest
  • A large, widescreen hi-resolution display monitor
  • A fitted seat belt
  • Rear view camera perfect for training

The Komatsu PC138 is a firm favourite with most operators due to the design and comfort of the digger.


Let’s get down to business, the controls.

Firstly, operators will be shown the safety lock lever that is situated beside the seat. If you didn’t know already this is a fantastic safety feature that will prevent the machine from operating. For instance, it stops any accidents happening if the controls are touched accidentally. Lowering the lever will then make the controls live, ready for work.

The main controls in a Komatsu PC138 consist of two joysticks and track pedals. The track pedals are located directly in front of the seat, but can be used as pedals, or as levers that can be operated by hand. These will control the tracks, and which direction the digger needs to travel in. 

The joysticks are set up on either side of the seat for optimum control. Most diggers in the UK are set up with ISO controls. However, the choice to swap to SAE controls is also available. The joysticks are used to turn the machine, lift the main boom and adjust the position of the stick boom.

Lastly, a speed tracker that can be changed from Low, Medium or High Speed can also be found within the cab of a Komatsu PC138.


Komatsu excavators are incredibly easy to maintain. The key areas include the oil filter, coolant reserve tank, fuel filter and air cleaner, all of which are easily accessible. In addition, a Komatsu PC138 is also fitted with a water separator, which is standard in most excavator brands.

All of our trainee operators will be shown the key maintenance areas and how to ensure they are kept in safe, working order. 


When booking onto our NPORS N202 Excavator 360 course, operators have the choice of using a machine above 10 tonne or below. In this case we are focusing on a machine above 10 tonne if a Komatsu PC138 is being used.

Operators will need to complete a classroom assessment as well as hands on training in our training area. The following topics will be covered:

  • Identifying the correct PPE that needs to be used to operate a digger
  • Safely mount and dismount the machine
  • Carry out all required pre-checks before the Komatsu PC138 is started up
  • Locate all key controls and components needed to operate the digger
  • Start the machine up and safely move around the training area
  • Fit and remove digger attachments
  • Carry out excavating tasks

In conclusion, the full brief can be found here.

For anyone wanting to operate a Komatsu PC138, this particular NPORS accredited course will take anything from 1 – 10 days. This will primarily depend on if the operator is a complete novice, or has some existing knowledge and experience. 

Once completed, the qualification will last for 5 years before it needs to be renewed. Keeping your qualification up to date is important as the industry is always changing.

Excavator 360 Training
Excavator 360 course


As we are based at Diggerland UK theme park, we have plenty of machinery for our trainee operators to use. Not only is it top of the range, it is also often only a few years old. Would you like to train using new machinery?

Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we are open 7 days a week from 8am – 6pm. We can also accommodate individual or group session training, whichever is easiest for you. Are you ready to book?

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