Top tips for operating construction machinery in warm weather

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If you have a job coming up and need to operate construction machinery during the summer, then this blog post is for you. We often say to avoid operating plant equipment during summer, however for most construction companies, we understand that this isn’t possible. Find out how to prepare your machinery for scorching sunshine, and things to take into consideration with our top tips.


We have put together our top tips for operating during warm weather, and what you should be aware of. 

Check that the air con is working properly

Most enclosed construction machinery, such as diggers and telehandlers are fitted with an air conditioning system. We strongly advise that during the warmer months, operators ensure that the machines are checked frequently and repaired if necessary. Due to health and safety reasons, it’s not advisable to have the cab door open whilst in operation. Having working air conditioning is the next best thing!

Give machines time to cool down

It is wise to allow machines to cool down in idle mode before completely switching off. This in turn will permit oil to flow around the machine still and lubricate vital parts of the machine. If the machine is turned off this will prevent the flow of oil. When operating in warmer temperatures, important parts of the machine will be particularly hot and will need additional time to cool down. 

Switch to idle mode or turn off equipment

If operating during a warm day, we would advise putting construction machinery into idle mode or switching off completely. Operators often leave machinery on for even a few minutes instead of switching off. This will cause the machine to get hotter, and again cause issues for vital parts. 

Fill fuel tanks at the end of the day instead

Fuel related issues happen frequently during the warmer months. We would always advise refuelling your construction machinery at the end of the day if possible. If refuelling is required, operators are at risk of fault codes and performance issues. Hot fuel in a machine attracts moist air, and if it seeps into the tank, it could mix with the fuel. This could be a costly fix if gone unnoticed or frequently maintained. 

Avoid using equipment during peak hours

Although the construction machinery will more than likely be used on a construction site, we would recommend trying to avoid operating during peak hours. The sun is at its hottest between 10am and 3pm. This is also the time that extra pressure is put on machines as they are at risk or overheating or even damaging certain parts. It’s also a good idea for operators to keep an eye on the thermostat within the machinery to ensure it doesn’t unexpectedly overheat. 

Take care of yourself

Lastly, the most important tip, make sure you take care of yourself!

Although there is no maximum working temperature, we understand that working during the heat can be hard. Especially on an open construction site, which is directly in the sun. Make sure regular breaks are taken where possible, and remember hydration is key. 


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