The top NPORS training courses for 2021 at the Diggerland Plant Training School

NPORS training courses

As the end of another year draws closer, we take a look at the top NPORS training courses that our operators have booked. Despite endless COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, the construction industry has been able to keep operating, and we are very thankful to the operators for choosing us!

Does anyone else feel as if 2021 has flown by as well?


N202 Excavator 360 training

Coming in at number one is the NPORS N202 Excavator 360 course. Operating a digger is the first machine that comes to mind for operators in training. Primarily, an excavator is the main type of plant equipment used within the construction sector, so we understand why it’s been the most popular choice this year. 

So what does the course involve?

As an overview, the excavator 360 course will allow operators to:

  • Carry out safety pre-checks
  • Enter and exit a digger safely
  • Prepare the machine for moving across various terrains
  • Carry out excavating tasks under close guidance
  • Complete end of shift shutdown procedures

The big question is, would you choose to operate a digger below or above 10 tonnes? Nonetheless, both options are available for operators!

The course duration will be anything from 1 – 10 days. 

NPORS N202 360 Excavator course

N201 Excavator 180 training

Following closely behind is the N201 Excavator 180 course. We have had the majority of operators invest in training to operate a backhoe loader, and we can see why.

What will the course cover:  

Similar to the excavator 360 course, this training will involve:

  • Locating the main controls and components
  • Identify the correct PPE for operating
  • Prepare the backhoe loader ready for use
  • Operate the machine safely and efficiently

Depending on any existing experience, the course duration will be anything from 1 – 10 days. 

Excavator 180 course

N010 Telehandler training

Has telehandler training been on the top of your list of learning? It certainly has for our operators, as it comes in at the third most popular course this year. Having the experience to operate a telehandler is perfect for construction companies as it is such a versatile machine. Similar to the above courses, the NPORS N010 telehandler course also takes between 1 – 10 days to complete. 

If you’re thinking about booking this course for 2022, then take a look at the course information. Learn how to:

  • Safely mount and dismount the telehandler
  • Identify steering and, driving and braking controls
  • Carry out lifting and loading tasks
  • Load and unload external transport

Additionally, operators can also choose to book onto our Telehandler Suspended Loads course for more in depth training to loading and unloading. 

Telehandler courses

N214 Ride on Roller training

A ride on roller, another popular type of construction machinery often used on site and for work by the roadside. It has also been another popular course for our operators.

Our NPORS N214 Ride on Roller course will ensure operators learn how to:

  • Identify all the major components of the roller and explain their functions
  • Carry out all pre-operation safety checks
  • Operate the roller safely also using the vibratory plate settings
  • Ensure all shutdown procedures are followed

If you’ve got any compaction projects coming up then ensure your operators are fully trained!

Roller Courses

First Aid training

It’s not just companies in the construction industry benefiting from our First Aid training courses this year. We have had a variety of companies booking onto this particular Health and Safety course. A number of external instructors have also hired our classrooms to carry out First Aid training. 

Learn all of the most vital safety information to keep your workplace safe. For example:

  • How to treat a head injury
  • Is someone is unresponsive and not breathing
  • Choking
  • Dealing with individuals that have suffered seizures or strokes
  • Electrical accidents 
  • Allergic reactions

If you’re looking for first aid training in Medway, then get in touch with us today to book for 2022. 

First Aid training

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With 3 UK locations in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, we can conduct high class NPORS training courses. We can also arrange for our instructors to visit a site of your choice to carry out training.  Diggerland Theme Park.


If you’re looking for a local plant training school in the South East, then look no further. We have the very best, and latest machinery available to use for training purposes. 

If you want to book onto any of our construction courses, then we have plenty of skilled instructors on hand. We are open 7 days a week from 8am – 5pm, and we can book your employees onto our NPORS training courses for a date and time that suits you. 

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!