The Benefits Of In-Company NPORS Training In Construction

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In-company or on-site NPORS training is becoming a popular option for companies who have their own training area and machinery. Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we can offer on-site training as well as carry out courses in our dedicated training area. Whichever option you’re leaning towards for your business, find out more about the benefits of in-house NPORS training. 


94% of employees admit that they would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning. If you’re looking to put your employees through specific training then here’s just a few benefits to choosing in-company training:


Unquestionably, the biggest advantage of carrying out on-site training is the location. If you’re planning on putting a few employees through training, sorting out travel and accommodation, if it’s not local, can be incredibly time consuming. Carrying out training in the workplace means less travel time, and is convenient for employees. 

Boost employee productivity

Offering in-house training to employees can also boost morale and productivity. All workers will be very familiar with their workplace surroundings, so they will be more likely to be productive within the on-site training sessions. If in-house training is offered to employees, most will also prefer being on site without the need to travel anywhere out of their normal schedule. 

Save money

Of course, with any training it will always incur costs. However it will save a company money when they choose to train employees on site. When you use our training services, the only thing you’ll be paying for is the trainer. The use of your own construction equipment and training space can greatly decrease the cost of training. 


When selecting a provider of workplace training, it can be tricky to book on individuals around the usual classroom / training hours. Whereas, on-site training will work around the needs of the employees and their job requirements. 

More and more companies are opting for in-house training rather than off-site training for these specific reasons. We can come to you to deliver practical, hands-on group training sessions. If you would still like to find out more about both of these options, then find out more below!


If you’re working within the construction industry then our NPORS training courses will be perfect for you and your employees. Choose from:

  • Excavator courses
  • Ride on roller courses
  • Dumper courses
  • Telehandler courses

Other sectors will also benefit from our courses as we can also offer health and safety courses including First Aid, Fire Warden and Working from Height. Check out our full list of NPORS training courses here


Not only do we have experienced instructors on hand to train operators, we have a fantastic training area and classrooms. Being based at Diggerland UK theme park means we also have access to a variety of construction machinery. 

We can also offer off site training, which will be carried out at a site of your choice. Using your construction machinery and equipment, means we will just provide you with a highly experienced trainer!

Should you wish to discuss a particular course in detail, get in touch today. 

To get in contact with us or to book onto our courses please call: 01634 295355 or email us at:

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