NPORS Training In Warm Weather – Our Top Tips

npors training in the warm weather

As the glorious sun shines bright this week in Kent, we are reflecting on the warmer weather ahead in the summer months. The construction industry can be hazardous to workers at the best of times, without throwing soaring temperatures into the mix. Between 1992 and 2016, 285 construction workers died from heat related illnesses. That’s a staggering amount considering it can be easily avoided.

We’ve put together our top tips for completing NPORS training with us. However it could be used for any construction site.



Of course, this is the most important and obvious tip. This will apply to everyone outside, and not just construction workers. Water is the best beverage to hydrate you in warmer weather. We would highly recommend avoiding fizzy drinks, and anything with caffeine as it offers minimal hydration. 

Schedule work for the cooler months

We completely understand that sometimes it can’t be avoided. If a project is coming up, and it can be moved out of the peak warm weather season, then do it! Your workers will thank you, especially in the heat of summer. 

Most employees working in offices and warehouses, and other indoor jobs will know how warm it can get in a stuffy space. However now picture sitting in a cab of a digger. Sometimes the air conditioning just won’t be enough!

Locate shade

If you’re working on a construction site with heavy machinery, then chances are that there will be plenty of shade around. Of course, don’t eat your lunch behind a machine that is about to begin operating!

When you aren’t able to work in the shade, then always be prepared and remember to bring the sun cream. Even if you always wear a cap where possible, any shade is better than none.

Adhere to health and safety when it comes to clothing

When working on a construction site, or even completing NPORS training in the heat, health and safety guidelines still need to be adhered to. When not in the digger cabs, hard hats will need to be worn, as well as personal protective equipment (PPE). It can often be too easy to wear the bare minimum when the temperatures soar, but health and safety of individuals is still very important. 

Ensure a first aider is present on site

When the temperatures do rise it is important that a qualified first aider is on site at all times. It is common for some individuals to suffer from heat stroke, sunburn, and other heat related injuries. 

If you would like to find out more about our First Aid training in Medway, then view our website for more details. We can accommodate workers that would like to complete more than one NPORS training course with us.

Carry out machine checks frequently

Those working with construction machinery will soon learn that it’s not just the workers that need to be looked after in the heat. Machine will also need some TLC too!

The sun is at its hottest between 10am and 3pm, this is also the time that will put extra pressure on the machines. It could also lead to the diggers overheating and damaging vital components and parts. 

For anyone operating construction machinery, we would recommend checking the following:

  • Ensure the air conditioning is working properly
  • Fill fuel tanks up at the end of the day instead
  • Switch the machine to idle mode or turn off the equipment completely
  • Give the machines time to cool down

When you book onto our NPORS training courses, we will cover machine maintenance. You’ll know the exact procedures for keeping your equipment in the best condition possible. 


As we’ve already mentioned we do offer health and safety courses such as first aid training however we have a variety of courses available to book, including:

Our full range of NPORS training courses can be found here. Should you wish to speak to us regarding a course that hasn’t been mentioned, get in touch with the team today.


Our experienced team of trainers are on hand to help with all of your training requirements. With 3 UK locations based in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, we have the latest equipment and training space available to use. 

Struggling to find time to arrange off site training? Alternatively, our instructors can carry out training on your site, using your machinery. 

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