Upcoming NPORS Training Courses at the Diggerland Plant Training School

npors training courses

As the number of enquiries and bookings grow rapidly here at the Diggerland Plant Training School, we’re thinking ahead for next month. Our instructors have now pencilled in some additional NPORS training dates for September.

If you’re looking to gain an extra qualification, or want to get your foot in the door of the construction sector, then we would highly recommend booking in sooner rather than later to reserve your space!


Operating an excavator is one of the first courses that operators will complete. Luckily for our trainees, we would be happy to carry out NPORS training for both complete novices, and anyone with previous experience who may need a refresher course.  

We have the following course dates available for September:

5th – 9th September – Above 10 tonne machine only

12th – 16th September – Above 10 tonne machine only

26th – 30th September – Above and below 10 tonne machine available

So what will the NPORS N202 Excavator 360 course involve?

Operators can expect to cover the following:

  • Being able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions
  • Conducting all pre-operational checks
  • Safely getting in and out of the machine
  • Configuring the machine for travel and manoeuvring it safely across varying terrain in open and confined areas
  • Carrying out digging tasks
  • Reinstating excavation, grade and level ground
  • Fitting and removing attachments
  • Carrying out all end of shift and shut down procedures

If you want to find out more about the course, the full course details along with our contact information can be found on our website.


We also have a few spaces available on our Slinger Signaller course running on 31st August. If you’re thinking about a career in the lifting industry, then this would be a great starting course to get qualified in. 

The course would cover:

  • Identifying and locating the different types of lifting equipment and accessories, and explain why they are used
  • Complete all pre-use safety checks 
  • Explain the centres of gravity and calculate the estimated weight of loads
  • Understand the different PPE appropriate for a Slinger Signaller
  • Direct and guide the movement of loads to different types of location using different methods of communication

View the full course details here and get in touch with us to reserve your space.


Aside from diggers and telehandlers, dumpers are certainly up there as one of the most used types of machinery. They are also a crucial part of most construction projects. 

If you’re looking to operate a forward tipping dumper truck, we currently have one space available on our upcoming course running on 1st – 2nd September. 

Operators will have access to Thwaites and Terex dumpers, whilst completing the following tasks:

  • Locating and explaining the key controls and their functions
  • Conducting all safety checks before using the dumper truck
  • Understand which PPE will need to be worn
  • Prepare the dumper for use and operate safely
  • Carry out shutting down procedures

With limited spaces available we highly recommend booking as soon as possible. The full course details for our NPORS forward tipping dumper can be found on our website


A telehandler can be used for a multitude of tasks including moving materials including bricks and gravel to suspending loads with a chain. Having the training in place to operate a telehandler could also be beneficial for the operator to have.

We currently have a few spaces remaining for our NPORS Telehandler course running on 19th – 23rd September. 

If you’re thinking of booking onto our telehandler courses, then you can expect to learn the following:

  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions
  • Safely mount and dismount the  telehandler
  • Start and stop the engine and safely move the machine off 
  • Carry out lifting and load handling tasks
  • Lift and transfer loads accurately and safely at different locations
  • Fit, adjust and or remove attachments

Check out the full details on our website to find out more. 


Our main training site is based in Kent, local for anyone in the South East and surrounding areas. We also operate in Devon, Durham and Yorkshire as well. If you’re not local to any of these areas we can also arrange for our instructors to teach on an external site, at a time and date to suit the company or operators.

If you’re looking to book onto any of our upcoming NPORS training course dates, we have instructors on hand to assist.

Get in touch with a member of the team today by emailing us today if you have any questions, or want to reserve your space on a course. Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our excavator courses in detail.

We will also post our latest upcoming course dates on our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you’re following us!