Can A telehandler Be Used As A Crane?

Telehandler as a crane

Telehandlers and cranes are two types of construction equipment that have been around for an incredibly long time. However, if it’s possible to use a telehandler as a crane then it could mean that you could save yourself money. Plus, it’s extra space on the site with one less type of machine present. 

In this week’s blog post we take a look at how this specific machine can be used, and whether it has multiple advantages on a construction site. We will also cover the range of NPORS training courses we have available at the Diggerland Plant Training School. 


Anyone in the construction industry will already know what a telehandler can be used for. For those that do not, they are very versatile types of plant that could be saving you time and money. If used to its full potential, companies can really utilise a telehandler to complete the majority of tasks required. 

Also known as a telescopic handler, telehandlers are a type of plant equipment which are designed with an extendable arm. They are purposely built for material handling and can also do a variety of jobs when different telehandler attachments are used. Telehandler are also great for the following tasks:

  • Lifting pallets or concrete blocks
  • Picking up materials if a bucket attachment is used
  • Small demolition projects
  • Reaching materials up high
  • Work cage or platform to lift workers up high

The possibilities are endless, not to mention all of the additional tasks that a crane can do!


We can certainly see why telehandlers are often compared to cranes. Due to their extended arms they can reach greater heights similar to a crane. So, is it possible to use a telehandler to complete similar jobs?

Because the telehandler boom can move up and forwards, it is suitable for a lot of taller projects and could be cheaper than buying or hiring a crane. If you think of a telehandler as a machine in between a forklift and a crane. It will help when planning work as it will depend on the load capacity, how tall you will need the telehandler to extend to as well as the terrain. 

Despite the similarities between the two machines, cranes require different safety inspections and are generally more expensive. So, it’s probably in the company’s best interest to opt for a telehandler if it is suitable for the task at hand.

Lastly, if you hold a telehandler ticket already, then you’ll find yourself saving money on paying out for additional crane training. What a bonus!


We currently have 3 different telehandler courses available including:

  • N010 Telehandler Training Course – This course will take one to five days to complete. Ultimately, it comes down to whether the individual has any existing experience using telehandlers. View the full course details, and contact us to book.
  • N010A Industrial Telehandler course – Similar to the above course, operators will also be transporting the machine over varying terrain, inclines and in open and confined areas but it will have a heavier focus on industrial use instead. 
  • N138 Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads – Our Suspended Loads course will also take one to five days to complete, depending on previous experience. If you’re looking to swap out a small crane for a telescopic handler, then this will be a great course for you to invest in.

Are you unsure of which course to book onto? Our experience team will be able to advise, depending on the type of qualification you require. 


Whether you’re based locally to our main training site in Kent, or closer to our other UK locations in Devon, Durham or Yorkshire, we can carry out NPORS training for you or your employees.

We would be more than happy to carry out training on a site of your choice. Our instructors can work with you to meet your certain requirements. Give us a call on: 01634 295355 or email us today to discuss any of our NPORS construction courses. 

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