Labour Rates Hit An All-Time High – Is It Time to Invest In NPORS Training?

NPORS training

In recent construction news, labour rates have hit a record high in the construction sector. Of course, like any industry, the pay rates of employees can increase and decline throughout various points in the year. This will vary depending on current events, the financial situation of the world and even material shortages. However, would now be the time for individuals to invest in further NPORS training? You bet it is! 


Looking at the beginning of 2022, the construction industry started in a very strong position. In February 2022, the weekly earnings of self-employed workers increased by 10.1%. In comparison to the year prior, it also rose by 7.1%. This meant that the average weekly earnings increased to around £950 from £863. The main regions to benefit from the year on year change included London and Yorkshire, shortly followed by East Midlands. 

Fast forward to September, there was a gradual decline of earnings by 3.4%. However the industry started to pick up again in October with an increase of 4.3%, offsetting the previous month’s decline. 

In October, the best performing subcontractors were in the following sectors:

  • Demolition and Wrecking (Up 13.5% to £949)
  • Scaffolding and Lifting (Up 11.8% to £845)
  • Civil Engineering (Up 7.4% to £934)

This time of year is often busy, due to the last minute project completions leading up to Christmas, however October broke records.

What else is affecting the industry?

When it comes to the housing sector, there is still a huge shortage of new housing, as well as plans backing up to start building on new plots of land. Both of which will require a large number of builders to complete. Making workers very high in demand!



From an employer’s perspective, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in your employees. One advantage being that the more you invest in individuals, the bigger the return on investment for the company as a whole. If you have a team of skilled workers, you’re more than likely to get chosen to work on those big construction projects.

Secondly, if you’re spending the money on your employees and investing in their future, you will benefit from a reduced staff turnover. A high staff turnover can harm your business in the following ways: 

  • Loss of productivity
  • Constant onboarding training
  • Cost and time of recruitment advertising

Plus keeping your workforce happy is the key to success for a happy business!


Everyday is a learning day, especially in the world of construction. You can never have too many tickets, qualifying you to work on a site or use a specific type of construction equipment. Whether you’re a self employed agency worker, or work for a much larger company, furthering your knowledge and bettering your experience is also beneficial.

Firstly, with the current labour rates increasing there will be more demand for workers. Therefore, companies or agencies will want the best of the best to be working for them, for the money they are paying. One digger ticket or health and safety qualification could be the difference between you and someone else getting the job.

Additionally, the more skills and knowledge you have the more you will earn. If you’re debating investing into further NPORS training courses, then let this be the motivation you need to do it!


The Diggerland Plant Training School is in the prime location for any aspiring operators, especially if you’re looking to operate various machinery, or obtain qualifications in a variety of construction courses. As we are based at Diggerland, we have a large range of construction equipment available to use for training purposes. 

Our main training site is based in Strood Kent, local for anyone in the South East. We can also carry out NPORS training in Devon, Durham and Yorkshire as well. If you’re not local to any of these areas we can also arrange for our instructors to teach on an external site of your choice.

View all of our training locations on our website for more information. 


Now we’ve covered the various construction courses available at the Diggerland Plant Training School, it’s time to book! 

Get in touch with a member of the team today by emailing us if you have any questions, or want to book. Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our NPORS training courses in further detail. 

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