What Training Do You Need For Demolition Work?

Looking to start a demolition project and want to be as prepared as possible? You’re in the right place. In this blog, we will run through some of the key aspects of the demolition process. As well as recommending some plant training courses you should complete before taking on the job.


When it comes to demolishing a building or any kind of structure, it’s important to evaluate the site as thoroughly as possible before getting started. 

Whilst it can be very tempting to just start whacking away at a building with the biggest piece of machinery you have. It’s crucial that you consider the surrounding area first. By evaluating the structure, you can also identify weak spots. Finding these will help the building fall easier. The evaluation will also help you to identify any materials that are worth saving from the demolition. 

Once you’ve completed your evaluation, you can start the preparation work. This will include selecting your machinery and ensuring your site is safe. For not only your workers, but also passers by and the surrounding environment. You’ll also need to choose your team. Making sure everyone is well aware of the plan and risks, as well as ensuring everyone is fully trained. If anyone is unsure, it’s always worth sending them for a refresher plant training course.


When most people think of demolition, they immediately think of wrecking balls and bulldozers. Which can be very helpful, but not always necessary. The equipment needed largely depends on the size of your project.

One piece of machinery that you can pretty much guarantee to see on any demolition site, small or large-scale, is an excavator. With such a wide range of attachments available, including grapples, shears and impact breakers. Excavators can be vital for a successful demolition project. They’re also useful for clearing debris once the building is down.

Cranes are typically used for bringing down taller buildings. Using a wrecking ball which is swung into the side of the building. It’s one of the only pieces of machinery that can provide impact from multiple angles at once. However, a more modern approach to the demolition of multistorey buildings is to use a long reach excavator. With a particularly long boom arm, they’re ideal for reaching upper storeys.

Dumpers are very useful to have on a demolition site to move materials. Whether it be debris that needs to be disposed of, or materials that need to be moved across site for breaking down or saving.


It’s so important for the health and safety of everyone on and around the demolition site that all workers are fully trained and feel confident to carry out the job at hand. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the plant training courses available at Diggerland Plant Training School, which we think will benefit anyone working on demolition sites:


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All plant training courses available at Diggerland Plant Training School are NPORS accredited and approved. You can view our full range of courses here.

Our main training site is based in Kent. For anyone not local to the South East, we also operate in Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. We can also arrange for our instructors to come to an external site of your choice if required. 

If you would like to book a course with us, or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on: 01634 295355 or by emailing: mail@digger.school