The NPORS Excavator 360 Training Course – How Will It Benefit You?

NPORS Excavator 360

Commonly used in construction, mining, and demolition, the excavator is a great piece of machinery to master. With the potential to open up the door to a varied career. If you’re considering learning to become an excavator operator, the NPORS Excavator 360 training course could be of great benefit to you. 

Just some of the benefits of gaining this qualification include:


Safety is absolutely paramount in the construction industry. The NPORS Excavator 360 training course will provide you with complete understanding of the safety procedures and best practises for working with excavators. Meaning you can work safely and avoid any accidents. Part of this includes learning how to conduct pre-operational checks, identify hazards, and how to implement safety measures.


Improper use of an excavator can result in damage to the machine, as well as surrounding equipment and property, resulting in liability and maintenance costs. Let’s also not forget a loss in earnings due to downtime. This training course will teach you how to operate the excavator properly. You’ll learn how to use the machine’s various features and functions to complete tasks quickly and effectively, which in turn improves productivity. Helping to reduce downtime, increase output and save on unnecessary costs.


Operating an excavator requires compliance with standards and regulations. Just some of these include health and safety regulations, environmental regulations, and operation certificate requirements. The NPORS Excavator 360 course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet these standards.


Completing a training course is an excellent way to open up opportunities for career advancement. These courses provide you with skills and knowledge that you may not be able to obtain within your current position. They also help to show how invested you are in something, which looks great to potential employers. With the Excavator 360 certificate, you have the potential to progress towards roles including construction management and heavy equipment maintenance.


NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies. Working across a number of sectors, including construction. The NPORS Excavator 360 course here at Diggerland Plant Training School is a recognised certificate. Providing operators with recognition and credibility within the industry. Having this certificate shows employers and clients that you have the correct skills and knowledge to complete the job successfully.


Looking to book onto a NPORS Excavator 360 course with a reputable training school? You’re in the right place! 

Our skilled instructors have plenty of experience to be able to provide you with the knowledge and skill set required. Ensuring you become a confident excavator operator. With our main location being based at Diggerland, Kent, you’ll have access to the very best machinery to complete your training. Check out some of our reviews here.

At Diggerland Plant Training School, we currently have availability for this course on:

  • 10th -14th April
  • 9th – 12th May
  • 22nd – 26th May

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NPORS Excavator 360