Will An AI Safety System Improve Health And Safety On A Construction Site?

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Construction sites are dynamic environments where workers engage in physically demanding and hazardous activities, such as operating heavy machinery, working at heights, and handling dangerous materials. Due to the nature of the work, construction sites are inherently dangerous and pose numerous risks to workers’ health and safety. Despite the industry’s efforts to reduce accidents and injuries, construction sites remain one of the most hazardous workplaces. With the consistent development of AI, one new emerging system could improve the health and safety for site workers. 


Barhale, a large civil engineering company in the UK, has implemented a new human recognition system that utilises AI technology to activate an LED safety shield attached to excavators. The shield will indicate whether it is safe to approach the machine.

So how does the system work?

Should other workers wish to approach a machine in operation, the operator will be able to signal them to let them know whether it is safe to get close or keep a distance. In addition, it emits an audible alert when someone enters the safety exclusion zone. The established “thumbs up” procedure commonly used in construction is enhanced with clear LED and sonic indicators, raising the level of communication. The system’s ability to identify the type and frequency of incidents allows for data analysis to improve safety practices on the site. 

If a worker wants to speak to an operator, they will need to signal the operator with a thumbs up. The operator will then bring the machine to a controlled stop and press the in-cab “Thumbs Up” button, effectively isolating the machine’s controls.

More often than not, workers or supervisors will assume that the machine is idle and begin to approach. Resulting in an accident or an injury which could have been prevented. With new emerging systems such as this, we are hopeful that the health and safety on sites will improve.


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