A Good Plant Training School Is More Important Than Ever

Plant Training - Grenfell Towers

It doesn’t take long to search the internet to find information about building collapses, poor construction and other health and safety disasters on sites. While these are becoming fewer, especially with newer sites, there is a clear need for good plant training systems to be in place to make sure these things don’t happen. At least not due to poor workmanship anyway.

This is especially more so with the Building Safety Act 2022 starting to be felt by the industry. A major new piece of legislation that is sure to shake up everyone in construction.

What is it?

This Act is the biggest shakeup to the construction industry in decades, and it will be felt right the way through, from design to construction and beyond on any builds.

In 2017 the world was shocked when the Grenfell tragedy unfolded. Shock turned to horror and disgust when the flaws in the building design were unveiled. Blame for the disaster went in all directions. Fingers were pointed as they have never been pointed before. Soon afterwards a report into the disaster was commissioned with the findings released in 2019.

As a result of these findings it was determined that a complete root and branch overhaul of the industry was required. Not just in the materials being used, but also in how the builds were designed, how the sites were prepared and how the projects were constructed. Competence and safety were to be scrutinised to a whole new level.

Who is Involved?

The implementation of the Building Safety Act 2022 is being overseen by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), a part of the Health and Safety Executive. Regulations are rolling out with staggered timelines that will all be fully in force part way through 2024. The BSR will oversee the implementation of the new rules and will make sure that they are being followed.

A firm hand is expected when the BSR gets rolling. Repeat offenders, anyone who acts irresponsibly, or those whose actions could cause serious harm can expect to receive tough enforcement and sanctions.

What is Being Done to Help?

There is further assistance to make sure that the new standards are met. After all, the principle aim of the legislation is to make builds safer, not to arbitrarily punish those in the industry.

The government has invested £42m towards helping to recruit, train and employ new building control inspectors over the next three years to oversee projects. A shortfall in this area is one of the things that was highlighted by the report and is something that the BSR is keen to address.

How Serious Are the Penalties?

For anyone disregarding the new legislation, you can expect serious fines and further restrictions and sanctions placed on the business. However, the penalties can go even further than this.

By October 2023, the principal accountable person or build owner will have to register their builds with the BSR. Any person who fails to do so could face criminal prosecution. That is certainly a sanction that anyone will want to avoid.

It should be pointed out that the new Act isn’t necessarily the finished deal. Section 7(2) of the Act gives the regulator powers to advise the Secretary of State on the introduction of new regulations. As the BSR will be very active on the sites, you can probably expect that they will find various things that can be improved upon.

Reaction and How Our Plant Training School Can Help

As you would expect, reaction to the new legislation has been quite mixed. Whereas some say they are already prepared for the rules to be fully implemented, others are saying it is too much too soon. Graham Watts, the Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) says that “a lot of people are going to have quite a rude awakening as [the Act] starts to bite). He isn’t wrong.

You can prepare your team to be the best they can be when it comes to properly operating machinery or supervising the sites. Our plant training school has built a very strong reputation as being thorough trainers on all areas of plant life, including all NPORS certification. Our priority is to make sure your team is safe and competent in the job they are doing. With our plant training school you will be more than ready for doing your part in complying with the Building Safety Act 2022.