October Construction Courses in Kent at the Diggerland Plant Training School

construction courses in Kent

October is only round the corner, and here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we are giving you your last chance to book onto our construction courses in Kent. As the construction industry continues to thrive, there’s no better time to equip yourself with the skills and expertise needed to succeed. Join us for an exciting month of hands-on training, expert guidance, and a chance to master the art of heavy equipment operation in Kent. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore our range of NPORS construction courses, which have been designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in the construction industry.

Telehandler Courses in Medway

The NPORS Telehandler training course offered at the Diggerland Plant Training School is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in the construction industry. This particular construction course in Kent will teach trainee operators how to safely and efficiently operate these versatile machines. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Youtube video to see previous operators in action!

The course can be completed in five days to ensure participants receive thorough and in-depth instruction. These five days are packed with theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and assessments. Ensuring that trainees become highly skilled and competent telehandler operators. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certification that remains valid for five years before requiring renewal. 

Telehandler courses

We currently only have one upcoming telehandler course planned for October which will be running from 9th – 13th October. We do only have a few spaces remaining, so if you’re looking to get your telehandler ticket make sure you contact us soon!

Excavator Courses at our Plant Training School

If you want to start off with one of our most popular construction courses in Kent, then you’re in luck. Our NPORS excavator course is beneficial to complete as it is a versatile machine that is found on all construction sites. Whether you want to operate a digger above or below 10 tonnes, we can accommodate this. We have the following dates available: 

  • 2nd – 6th October
  • 16th – 20th October
  • 23rd – 27th October

If you need something further in advance then we also have limited spaces available on:

  • 20th – 24th November
  • 27th November – 1st December

The Diggerland Plant Training School is renowned for its commitment to excellence in heavy equipment training, and this course is no exception. View our full course information here, and get in touch to book. 

Want to train to be a Banksperson?

The NPORS N027 Excavation Marshall Banksperson training course is tailored for individuals looking to excel in the role of a banksman in construction and excavation operations.

Participants in the Excavation Marshall Banksman course will receive in-depth instruction on key aspects of their role, including communication protocols with equipment operators, hazard identification, and safety procedures. Practical hands-on training is a core component, allowing trainees to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Upon successful completion, operators will possess the expertise and confidence needed to effectively coordinate and guide excavation and construction operations. Ultimately, making worksites safer and more efficient.

Join our upcoming NPORS Banksperson course running on 12th October. We look forward to seeing you there!

Banksperson training

Slinger Signaller Training in Kent

Slinger signallers play a pivotal role in construction and industrial settings, ensuring that loads are handled with precision and safety. For those looking to get into the lifting industry this is a perfect entry level opportunity to do so. So what does the course involve?

The course itself involves a combination of theoretical instruction and hands-on practical exercises. Trainees will learn about: 

  • The principles of load handling
  • Various types of lifting equipment
  • Safety procedures
  • Plus, communication signals used in crane operations

All of the above will be covered over two days of training. For any operators with previous experience, or those looking to book onto a refresher course, it can be completed in one day. We have the following upcoming course dates available:

  • 10th – 11th October
  • 18th – 19th October

View our full course information today!

Cable Avoidance Tools Course Dates

A Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) course is of paramount importance on a construction site due to the critical need to protect workers’ safety and prevent potentially hazardous incidents. Our NPORS N304 Cable Avoidance Tools course is designed to educate construction workers on the proper use of CAT equipment, which is essential for detecting and avoiding buried utilities such as electrical cables, gas pipelines, and water mains. The presence of these underground services poses a significant risk, as accidental damage can result in severe injuries, service disruptions, and costly repairs.

The course typically involves both theory and practical assessments, covering topics such as:

  • Utility detection principles
  • Safety procedures
  • Manual Handling Regulation
  • Testing, Inspection and maintenance of the equipment
Cable Avoidance Tools Course

The full course information and an enquiry form can be found on our website .If this sounds like a course of interest, then please note we have an upcoming course date available on 13th October, however we have limited availability remaining!


Have you seen a course date you want to book onto? Contact us today to reserve your space, as they are limited! Our instructors will accommodate both novices and experienced operators. We will also try to book you onto a course date that suits you, or set up new dates should we fill up. Give us a call on: 01634 295355 or email us today to discuss any of our NPORS construction courses in Kent. 

Should we have any more upcoming course dates that have last minute availability, we will post details on our social media channels so make sure you’re following us.

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