Exploring EVision Electric Vehicles and Their Eco-Friendly Mission

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In the age of environmental consciousness, industries are embracing sustainable practices, and the partnership between the Diggerland Plant Training School and EVision Electric Vehicles stands as a beacon of innovation and green initiatives. Let’s delve into the realm of EVision Electric Vehicles and uncover their pivotal role in revolutionising transportation towards a greener horizon.

EVision and the Diggerland Plant Training School

EVision works closely with the Diggerland Plant Training School. They supply free electric vehicle charging points for operators to use while on site to encourage the use of electric cars. If operators need to travel to our training locations that are not local then EVision offers short term daily hire of one of their vehicles so that they can travel sustainably. 

EVision also supplies all of the staff at the Diggerland Plant Training School with electric company cars, working towards a completely sustainable workforce. 

A Glimpse into EVision Electric Vehicles

A Driving Force in Sustainability: EVision Electric Vehicles is a trailblazer in the realm of electric transportation. As pioneers in the UK’s electric vehicle rental space, EVision offers an extensive fleet of electric cars, trucks and vans, providing individuals and businesses with eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Mobility: With a steadfast commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices, EVision aims to revolutionise transportation by making electric vehicles accessible, practical, and appealing to a broader audience.

Redefining the Automotive Landscape

Extensive Fleet of Electric Vehicles: EVision boasts a diverse range of electric vehicles from renowned manufacturers, catering to various needs and preferences. From compact electric cars ideal for urban commuting to spacious electric vans tailored for commercial purposes, their fleet offers versatility without compromising on sustainability.

Empowering Sustainable Choices: By offering electric vehicles on a rental basis, EVision encourages individuals and businesses to experience the benefits of electric mobility without the financial commitment of ownership. This approach not only promotes eco-conscious choices but also contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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