5 ways that NPORS training benefits your business

NPORS Training

Providing the correct training when essential is important for your business. If your company falls within the construction industry, then NPORS training is vital for operators. In 2017, 6.9 million employees said they had undertaken in-work training in the last three months, which is equivalent to 26% of the employee population. If you’re thinking about investing into extra training, then take the leap and find out how your business could benefit. 


NPORS, also known as National Plant Operators Registration scheme is a popular awarding body within the construction industry. Additionally, they will cover training in the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Agricultural
  • Ports and marine sectors

NPORS training will allow operators to train up, and gain qualifications for specific courses relevant to their industry of work. 


Training to work on a construction site is a legal requirement, but how about those additional courses that aren’t deemed as essential? Having a skilled workforce is an asset to any company, and that isn’t the only benefit!

Recruitment costs

Any business owner will know that recruitment doesn’t come cheap. Using free websites such as Indeed will help, but it’s important to include the costs involved in training up new workers as well. Training existing staff is a much more cost effective way to fill job vacancies. Their company knowledge will already be up to scratch, it will just be covering the additional skill needs, which will save a lot of time. 

Staff retention

Choosing to offer in house training for existing staff will ensure they feel valued and will more likely stay loyal to the company. A business that has a high staff turnover will have a negative impact on the company’s image.

Training can also be seen as a staff benefit. When workers are booked onto additional training courses for example, they could boost their career prospects. Some businesses worry that staff will leave as soon as they have received their qualifications, however it’s just a myth. If they truly love their job, they will want to utilise their new skills!


Well-trained staff are proven to boost productivity within the workplace. With the correct training, employees will spend less time asking questions and getting their work checked, and more time completing the job at hand. 

Enhance the company brand and reputation

No company wants a bad reputation or brand image. Every company will have certain brand values that they want to live up to, and uphold. Offering staff training will help in meeting these goals.

Providing training for employees will strengthen two areas of the company profile. Being known as a responsible employer who offers their staff training will look attractive to future employees and customers. 

Grow your business

No industry changes faster than the construction sector, meaning follow up training is always needed. New technology and machinery will be introduced, and staff will need to be trained. For companies to grow they need to have up to date and relevant training. 


As they say that your staff will only be as good as the instructor or company that provided the training. Therefore it is essential you choose the best training provider for your needs. 

We would always recommend checking external review sites such as Trustpilot or Yell, as it will give you a great indication of the company. Previous operators will leave feedback, both positive and negative, and others will be able to decide whether they would like to book with the training company.

Selecting a training provider will also depend on the cost. It is worth contacting various companies to enquire about costs, as discounts could potentially be given if there’s a larger group of operators booking on, or they are running a special offer. 


We are a relatively new NPORS training provider, however we come with a background of knowledge and experience. All of our training centres are based at the well-known theme park, Diggerland

Any operators booking courses with us will benefit from a large, well-looked after training area, plenty of construction machinery for training purposes and highly skilled instructors. There are also 3 spacious training classrooms for theory based work, as well as being available for external hire

Whether you’re based in Kent, Durham, Yorkshire or somewhere in the surrounding areas, we have 3 UK based training centres available. If you aren’t local to us, we can also send out instructors to your site to carry out training. 


If you’re looking to book onto any of our NPORS training courses, there is a limited time offer currently available. 

Book any of our courses before 31st October and benefit from 10% off. Email or call us today and quote ‘OCT 10’. A fantastic saving for employees wanting to invest in extra training for their operators. 

View our full list of NPORS training courses on our website today. We look forward to hearing from you!