Everything You Need To Know About The Site Safety Supervisor Course!

construction site supervisor

Do you currently work within the construction sector, and wish to take on more responsibility? Then becoming a Site Supervisor may be the next step in your career. 

Today we take a look in depth at the Site Safety Supervisor course. Find out below who would benefit from booking onto this course, and what it will involve doing in the workplace. 


Also known as SSSTS, the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme is a 2 day course, perfect for anyone already working on a construction site. For those that have supervisor responsibilities, or are looking to in the future, will find this course advantageous. 

A Site Safety Supervisor generally oversees the day-to-day work of the team. Depending on the size of the project at hand, a supervisor can often be assigned to manage a certain team or group of workers. 

As the name suggests, the Supervisor is acting under the influence of the Site Manager. They will have the overall responsibility and say so of everything that will take place throughout the project. Despite this, the Supervisor generally still has a lot of responsibility. 

A supervisor will need to ensure the following:

  • Work is completed on time
  • The budget for the project is being adhered to
  • The quality of work is of a high standard
  • Checking that the health and safety of workers is maintained
  • Carrying out regular inspections for potential safety hazards


The S029 Site Safety Supervisor course is designed for those who want or have already acquired supervisory responsibilities. 

If you’re striving to become a Site Safety Supervisor, then of course this course will hugely benefit any individual. However, we would strongly recommend having some previous experience within a similar role first. The best way to do this is work your way up with a construction company, perhaps starting as a labourer. From here, responsibility can be given by the manager if they feel you are worthy of taking on more within your role. 

The SSSTS course will simply improve the existing abilities of a worker within a supervisor role. 

How long is the Site Safety Supervisor qualification valid for?

Upon completion, individuals will be certified for 5 years before the qualification will need renewing. The Site Safety Supervisor refresher course will be the perfect training for already qualified workers. Booking onto this course will need to be done before the qualification expires. So what is the difference between the standard and refresher course we hear you ask?

Our Site Safety Supervisor refresher course can be completed within a day, and will provide an individual with updated knowledge. Anything previously covered in the Supervisor course will be covered again, as well as any legislative changes and how they would impact the site.


Completing the Site Safety Supervisor course could be the next stepping stone in your career. It can also open up plenty of other opportunities including becoming a Site Manager!

The S031 Site Manager training course is fantastic for those who are considering, or already have, responsibilities for planning, organising, monitoring, and managing employees. The course will include but not limited to:

  • The purpose of health and safety legislation and the different legislative requirements
  • Understanding the importance of risk assessments and method statements
  • Identifying the statutory and non-statutory forms, notices, signs and registers used within the building and construction industry
  • Protecting the workforce from exposure to hazardous substances
  • Planning and control of mobile plant and vehicles

The full course information can be found on our website. 


If you’re looking to book onto our S029 Site Safety Supervisor course, we have instructors on hand to assist.

We are open from 8am – 6pm, 7 days a week. Our instructors can carry out training at any of our 3 UK training sites located at Diggerland Kent (our main site), Durham and Yorkshire. We can also arrange for our instructors to travel to your site to carry out any training. 

Email the Diggerland Plant Training School team today if you have any questions about our course information, availability and pricing. If you’re looking to book as an individual or on behalf of employees, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our course in detail.