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Construction is one of the most important industries at the moment. As we are still experiencing lockdown and tighter restrictions, construction is the main sector that is still operating and continuing to grow in demand.

With the recent announcements regarding new build homes and keeping the construction sector going, individuals are finding themselves looking at improving their skills and booking onto construction courses. So how do you pick which plant training school to train with? Keep reading to find out more, and how the Diggerland Plant Training School can help you.



The location of a plant training school is always important when looking for a place to book. It may be that you can find somewhere local to you or your business. However sometimes it’s not always possible. Most plant training schools tend to have multiple locations as well, so it is always good to do your research on a company first.

Often, instructors will also give the option of travelling to you, depending on how many individuals are booked onto courses. Make sure you ask this as it could save you a lot of time in travelling. 

Are they a trusted supplier?

Anyone could advertise construction courses available at a plant training school, but it doesn’t mean that they are legitimate. We would always recommend looking into the company first. There are a number of ways including:

  • Checking existing reviews – Unless they are a newly formed company, they are more than likely going to have customer reviews. Google or Trustpilot are just two of the most popular websites to check.
  • Checking the courses being advertised – Most plant training schools would list multiple courses on offer. If you have come across a company that has only got one or two courses listed, especially for cheap prices, they may only have listed them just to reel customers in. Often the course information will be thorough, and will normally contain some business photos of the course. This is also another point to check for!
  • Make sure the instructors hold the correct qualifications – A highly qualified instructor will also have an in-depth knowledge of construction machinery and the industry. 


If you haven’t already experienced our sister company, Diggerland, it’s definitely a place to add to the to do list. Diggerland is a construction themed attraction perfect for the whole family. Children and adults have the chance to experience, and operate real life construction machinery. Diggerland has 20 different rides and drives to suit all ages. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider choosing Diggerland Plant Training School to learn:

  • None of the Diggerland machinery has ever been used on a construction site. The machinery is used solely for operation within the park by children and adults. Therefore you can expect to learn in, and operate machines that are in excellent condition. 
  • We can guarantee that the machines are on average only 3 years old. You’ll be choosing a plant training school that has the very latest industry equipment.
  • A large range of construction machinery is available.
  • Diggerland has access to a large amount of land behind the main theme park. This is used for the purpose of digger experience days, special corporate events, and a space purely for plant training.
Spindizzy - Diggerland
Dirt Diggers - Diggerland


We are currently offering courses at our Diggerland Kent park, which is located just off of the M2, in an easy to reach destination. However, as the demand for courses grows, we are more than happy to expand our schools at other locations around the UK. Whether you’re based in Kent, Devon, Durham and even Yorkshire, we can offer you the chance to train at our other Diggerland locations. 

We are open from 8am – 6pm Monday to Sunday. If you would like to book onto our courses, we can arrange a date and time to suit you or your company.


Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we aim to assist individuals with limited to no experience, and even some that only need a refresher course.

If you’re looking to book onto any of our construction courses, we have a number of highly experienced instructors on hand to help. Some of plant training courses available include:

Please feel free to email us today if you have any additional questions, or you want to book on as an individual or on behalf of your employees. We are also still operating in line with current Government guidelines. 

Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our courses in detail.

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