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The construction sector is one of the most in demand industries at present. As we are still facing a global pandemic, it may seem like the perfect time for construction companies to complete any major roadworks and projects, whilst the roads aren’t as busy as they would be. However, with the latest government announcement regarding the help to buy scheme, the industry could be looking to recruit additional operators to keep up with the surge of new build homes that will be required.


A previous help to buy scheme was already in place to benefit first time buyers. This is set to expire in 2021, which is why the scheme was originally looked into. The latest help to buy scheme will be open for first time buyers to apply from 16th December 2020, but there will be regional price limits in place. These will be set to 1.5 times the average house price in any area.

The government wants the price of a new build home to be closer to the average regional first-time buyer property price.

If you’re a first time buyer, you will be able to reserve any of the new build homes from as early as 16th December, and have an official move-in date of April 2021.

How will it work?

 Buyers will be able to put down a deposit as low as 5% of the property value. 

The government will then provide an equity loan of up to 20% (40% in London). 

Buyers will then need to arrange a mortgage to cover the rest of the amount.

Any individual can receive up to £240,000 from an equity loan, but it is important to understand how it works. 

For the first 5 years, buyers will not receive any interest on the loan. After this, an interest rate of 1.75% will be put in place, which will rise each year with CPI (Consumer Price Index).


The latest changes to the housing industry will mean that the demand for construction companies will be at an all time high. Therefore, operators will also be highly desired. Are you looking to book onto construction courses to improve your skills? 

When you choose the Diggerland Plant Training School, you’ll be learning on site with experienced operators, high-quality equipment and all the knowledge you’ll need to be qualified in your desired course. So which construction courses will you be able to choose from?


Telehandler courses

We have the following telehandler courses available to book:

  • N010 – Telehandlers Course
  • N138 – Telescopic handler suspended loads
  • N010A – Industrial telehandler course

We will use various telehandlers for these courses including big brands such as JCB and Manitou.

Roller courses

We run the N214 – Ride on roller course for anyone looking to operate a roller on a construction site or for other projects. The course length will depend on how much existing experience you already have. We welcome complete novices and individuals that are just looking to a refresher course before their test.

Excavator courses

We have an extensive list of excavator courses, including but not limited to:

  • N202 – 360 Excavator course
  • N201 – Excavator 180 course
  • N100 – Excavator as a crane course
  • N722 – Material re-handler 360 course

For our excavator courses, we tend to use a variety of Komatsu excavators depending on the time of course.

Health and safety courses

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work. Most injuries happen from a lack of health and safety in place. Book onto our health and safety courses to brush up your knowledge or add to your qualifications. Choose from the following health and safety courses:

  • S001 – Safety Awareness
  • N726 – Quick Hitch Awareness
  • First Aid Courses
  • N404 – Working at Height
  • N704 – Manual Handling Course
  • N304 – Cable Avoidance Course
  • N723 – Harness and fall arrest
  • Fire Warden Courses

Dumper courses

Dumper courses have been incredibly popular with our customers since we have opened. Operators can choose from the following:

  • N139 – Forward tipping mini dumper course
  • N204 – Forward tipping dumper course
  • N205 – Rear tipping dumper course

For a full list of courses available, we highly recommend checking our website.

Construction courses - excavator
Construction courses available


Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School in Kent, we are here to assist with any individuals looking to get qualified in the construction industry. Being based at Diggerland means we have a large variety of construction equipment available to use for learning.

If you’re looking to book onto any of our construction courses, we have a number of highly experienced instructors on hand to help. Additionally, if you are interested in a course that we haven’t currently got listed, please enquire as it may be something we can accommodate.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us. If you want to book on as an individual or on behalf of your employees, we would be happy to help.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our construction courses in detail.

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