What does the NPORS MEWP Scissor Lift course involve?

scissor lift

As the world begins to slowly open back up, restrictions are being eased and more companies are allowed to open. Construction companies have been labelled as essential and therefore have been able to work throughout most of the pandemic. However other companies have had to adapt and work in line with current guidelines. One of the latest additions to our website is the MEWP Scissor Lift course. This course is very beneficial for companies that would have had to work throughout the pandemic and carry out most of their work outside. So what does the scissor lift course involve and why should you book onto it?


Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that MEWP stands for a Mobile Elevating Work Platform, for anyone that was unsure. They can also be referred to as vertical lifts, cherry pickers, aerial work platforms, spider lifts and even scissor lifts. 

There are two basic types of MEWPs available including boom lifts and vertical lifts. Most operators would have heard of a cherry picker, which is known as a boom lift. Then on the other hand a scissor lift is a type of vertical lift. Scissor lifts are as the name suggests. They are known for their criss-cross scissor mechanism that allows the operator to go up and down at different heights. 

Genie lifts, Snorkel, Niftylift, MEC and JCB are brands of scissor lifts that you may have seen being used at construction sites and other sectors that may require them for reaching inaccessible areas.

What is it used for?

Scissor lifts are large vertical lifts that allow operators to reach new heights. They are machines used to provide temporary access to areas that would often be hard to reach or high up. 

The advantage of using a scissor lift is that they offer plenty of workspace and mobility for operators carrying out a range of tasks. It is important to understand how scissor lifts and what they could be used for, to see if it’s a course that your employees would benefit from being trained on. 

Companies within the following sectors would benefit from using scissor lifts:

  • Construction companies carrying out building maintenance
  • Window cleaners
  • Agricultural companies use aerial lifts to reach fruit up high in orchards
  • Electricians working on telephone poles
  • Landscapers that carry out a lot of work maintaining trees
  • Warehouse and indoor retail businesses

Despite most individuals thinking the construction and plant training industry would use a scissor lift, they are versatile types of equipment that can actually be seen used in plenty of other scenarios and places of work. 


MEWP Boom Lift course

The MEWP Boom lift course is a popular course that is often combined with the MEWP Scissor Lift course. They can be booked together and completed within a couple of days depending on experience. 

Working at height course

Our NPORS N404 Working at height course may also be of interest to anyone looking to book onto the MEWP Scissor lift course. Accidents can easily happen when working at height, so why not get the correct training to be able to carry out jobs safely. Learn which types of PPE will be required, demonstrate an understanding of unsafe practices and how you can avoid them and identify the organisations associated with working at height. 


This course is aimed at people who require the knowledge and practical skills needed to operate a MEWP Scissor lift. So what else does the course involve?

Operators can expect to learn the following skills:

  • Conduct all pre-checks
  • Configure the machine for travelling
  • Safely mounting and dismounting the machine
  • Travelling with the platform raised
  • Carry out accessing tasks at various points up to its full operating height

The course is made up of an NPORS theory assessment and a practical exam. Once completed it is then valid for up to 5 years, before a refresher course is required. 


Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we are in the optimum location to really benefit from our construction courses. Being located at Diggerland means we have a large variety of construction equipment available to use for learning. We also have highly qualified instructors on hand too!

If you’re looking to book onto our NPORS MEWP scissor lift course, or anything else relevant to your job we would be happy to assist. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions, or require any additional information. If you’re looking to book on behalf of your employees we can offer a discount for large groups of operators. We can also offer one to one sessions if this is applicable to you.

Alternatively, give us a call on: 01634 295355 to discuss our MEWP Scissor lift course in detail.