NPORS Training – What is it?

npors training

Are you looking for companies offering NPORS training? Well you’ve come to the right place. The Diggerland Plant Training School offers NPORS accredited training courses for all aspiring operators. Find out why you should choose NPORS instead of CPCS, and the construction courses available at our training school.


NPORS, otherwise known as the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme is an awarding body that enables operators to receive necessary cards for training and work purposes. They are one of the UK’s leading awarding bodies covering the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Agricultural
  • Ports and marine sectors

When operators choose NPORS training they will benefit from flexible courses whilst maintaining industry standards.

NPORS was founded originally in 1992, which makes it a relatively new awarding body in comparison to CPCS. So what’s the difference?


CPCS also known as Construction Plant Competence Scheme is a card scheme similar to NPORS. Despite being a well recognised awarding body within the construction industry, there are only slight differences between the two.

So which is best?

Essentially, both schemes have their advantages and disadvantages, but it will primarily come down to the preferred learning style, the budget available and what type of industry you work in. 

Operators choose CPCS instead of NPORS training as it is a widely recognised scheme. Mostly every construction site in the UK will accept CPCS training. The disadvantage is that CPCS training can be more costly, and it will take a lot longer to complete the training courses. 

The main benefit of NPORS is that it is a cost effective option in comparison to CPCS. The same standard of learning, for cheaper costs. Anyone opting for NPORS training can learn on their own site with their machinery, or at training sites. CPCS on the other hand is restricted to only certified centres. 

When it comes to the training courses, all awarding bodies offer the standard categories such as Roller, Dumper, Excavator and Telehandler training. However, NPORS can offer additional exclusive courses including: 

In conclusion, NPORS training is a much more adaptable scheme than CPCS, and other awarding bodies.


Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School we have a variety of NPORS training courses available including:

  • Excavator courses including Excavator as a Crane and Excavator 360/180
  • Dumper courses including Forward Tipping and Rear Tipping Dumpers
  • Telehandler courses 
  • Healthy & Safety courses including First Aid at work and Cable Avoidance 
  • Roller courses
  • Other construction courses including MEWP Scissor lift course and our Quick Hitch Safety Awareness course

All of our NPORS accredited courses can be found here

Slinger Signaller Course
NPORS Excavator 360 course


Our trainee operators will be in the perfect location for training when they book with the Diggerland Plant Training School. Being based at Diggerland means we have a range of the best machinery available to use for training purposes.

If you want to book onto any of our NPORS training courses, then we have a number of highly skilled instructors on hand ready to assist. Our training school is open from 8am – 6pm, 7 days a week. Our main site is based at Diggerland Kent, which covers London and the South East. However we can also run NPORS training courses at our 3 other locations in the UK (Devon, Durham and Yorkshire). If you have a site suitable for training, we can also arrange for our instructors to travel to you.

Email us today or give us a call on 01634 295355 to book. At this time, we are happy to accept individuals or groups, in line with government guidelines.