Will construction courses offer better pay for workers?

Excavator 360 course

Are you looking to gain extra qualifications to benefit you in the construction industry? According to CITB, operators could benefit from the opportunity to earn extra money. How? When workers expand their knowledge and attend training for additional construction courses, they could see their salary increase!


Most workers will enter the industry as an apprentice and work their way up. Although it has proven beneficial to get knowledge behind them with the help of construction courses. This will assist workers in bringing home extra pay. 

It is also important to consider ongoing training, as it will ensure workers are kept up to date with any changing rules and regulations.

With training and ongoing education, construction workers can expand their knowledge. They will also be able to safely and efficiently complete their work duties, as well as taking on additional responsibilities. Which construction courses would you choose to study next?


With over 38 different courses currently available, workers can choose from the following:

We are always expanding the types of courses we offer, so if there isn’t one you see then make sure you contact us. We are more than likely able to run it if it is requested. If you’re looking to book onto our construction courses, we would highly recommend the following:

First aid courses

First aid is something that is needed quite frequently on a construction site. Due to the use of heavy equipment and uneven terrain from digging, construction sites can be a hazardous place to work. That being said, all workers should have some form of first aid knowledge, even if it’s very basic. 

Most manager or supervisor positions will require the individual to have a certain level of first aid. If you want to improve your first aid skills, and look at getting a potential promotion, then we have first aid training available. 

Going hand in hand with first aid, we also run a fire warden training course. This may be a potential course to book onto, if you’re looking to get ahead. This course will also be advantageous in other sectors of work as well.

NPORS Appointed Person (N401) 

Our Appointed Person (N401) course is another course aimed at anyone looking to take the next step in their career. It can assist in progressing an operator to a supervisor or manager position. We would highly recommend thinking about choosing this course as it focuses solely on responsibility for lifting operations. 

When booking onto our Appointed Person course, an operator can expect to learn:

  • Design safe lifting plans that are compliant with the law
  • Safe slinging
  • Crane stability
  • Lift supervision

This course is separated into 4 days of intense training, and a 5th day that will involve a theory test and practical assessment.

Excavator 180 & 360 course

Lastly, we would suggest picking courses that operators can use back to back. For example, booking onto our excavator 180 course and our excavator 360 course, will open up multiple opportunities for an individual. 

Backhoe loaders and excavators are two main types of equipment used on most sites. If you have the skills and knowledge to operate both, then you’ll more than likely receive better pay. Whereas in comparison to someone that can only operate a certain brand, size of even type of machinery, it will be in your best interest.

Both of these courses will take approximately 1 – 10 days of training to complete. However this will vary depending on any existing experience. Once passed, an operator will be qualified for 5 years before they will need to renew their training.


Here at the Diggerland Plant Training School in Kent, we aim to help anyone get their foot into the construction industry. Whether individuals are looking to expand their knowledge, or learn completely from scratch, we have the training in place to assist.

We have a range of construction courses available, and plenty of highly trained instructors on hand to help.

As construction has been noted as an essential sector of work, we remain open to anyone needing to book onto construction training. We can run group sessions for operators from the same company. However, we would highly recommend booking onto our one-to-one sessions. Not only will there be no worry of social distancing, you will also be able to get our instructors undivided attention throughout the course.

If you have particular construction courses in mind, we are more than happy to discuss them in detail before a booking is made. 

To get in contact with us or to book onto our courses please call: 01634 295355 or email us at: mail@digger.school.